Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disney Finally Apologizes

I just received an online greeting card from Walt Disney Travel Company, bless their little hearts. I'm going to watch the animated Mickey Mouse ears appear on the snowman, who fades to a frosty castle scene at least 84 times to make sure they're really saying happy holidays this time.

You see, last Christmas Eve, we came home from New Albany to find a message from Walt Disney World on our caller i.d. How cute — Mickey wanted to thank me for being part of the team and wish me a happy holiday. Those folks at Disney sure have customer service down to an art form.

<-- You owe me, Mickey.

Except the message wasn’t that lovable squeaky voice. It was Teresa informing me that the Wong family vacation would be canceled by 5 p.m. if I didn’t contact them with final payment. I nearly passed out – this family of five would be on a plane in a handful of days. We’d spent hours selecting the right hotel and getting dinner reservations. I had a receipt for the final payment, so obviously there was a mistake on Disney’s end — but that wouldn’t matter to a hill of mouse droppings if they had, indeed, erased the reservation and opened up the slots to the throng of holiday vacationers qued up for their shot at happy holidays.

My only hope was to be the first caller on the agent line on December 26. Try worrying that over in your mind for 24 hours – no, that wasn’t excitement fueling me on Christmas. I was nervous, jumpy and sick to my stomach (which explains some of the hideous photos Ron managed to take of me. Except the ubiquitous butt shots he likes to snap). And once the world resumed normal operations — yea for me, I was the first caller, unlike my luck with radio contests — it turned out they’d assigned two numbers to the same reservation. My client was fine all along.

But come on, Santa, I still think Mickey needs a time out for that little scare.


Michelle said...

I remember when you posted about that...glad to read the update.

How much does a disney vacation cost? Our sister just went and they LOVED it. I MIGHT be able to convince Jeff to go sometime...but probably not this year. He needs adventure this year.

Julie said...

It depends on when you go. The tickets are always the same price, but the hotel prices can vary, with best prices between when kids go back to school and the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's holidays. They have value priced level with family rooms that you can snag if you plan far enough in advance.

And by fall, Disney typically starts throwing in perks, like free dining with a hotel/parks package. Or at least they've done that the past 3 years.