Friday, September 25, 2009

My NYC Terrorist Plot Connection

I can't believe how small the world is.

Yah, yah, I've spent 24 years as a journalist, so you'd think I'd get used to having lots of contacts. But typically, that translates to occasionally calling the same business consultant twice to help me with different stories. (My number one source: a tossup between Tax Mama Eve Rosenberg and Donald Moine, both of whom I've called at least 7 times now).

It doesn't usually mean you start reading about an arrest that stopped a terrorist attack in NYC and stumble across this:

At Beauty Supply Warehouse in suburban Denver, Paul Phillips said a co-worker told investigators he had sold chemicals to Zazi. Company president Karan Hoss said the firm turned over security video of a man matching Zazi's description to the FBI. A check of sales found that someone bought a dozen 32-ounce bottles of a hydrogen peroxide product in July. More was purchased in late August, Hoss said.

Get outta here! I profiled Karan for Beauty Store Business. I redialed him for inventory advice in the same magazine. I'm connected to him on Linked In, one of the only 70 people in his network.

Now if that doesn't make you feel important before noon, I don't know what will.

Nor is this my only connection to terrorist-stopping heros. Remember Kwame James, the guy who subdued Richard "Shoe Bomb" Reid and prevented him from blowing up American Flight 63? He was a basketball player my brother coached. And I have yet to connect the dots, but someone on a scrapbooking chat board with me was also behind the NYC arrest this week.

Now if I could parlay all this into a chance to meet Mel Gibson, I'll consider it a life well lived.


Lorell said...

That's kind of a freaky story! You must be relieved to be connected to the good guys...LOL!

karanhoss said...

Scrapbooking chat board? Really?

Julie said...

Yep, Karan, a scrapbooking chat board with thousands of members across the world. Who'd have thought it?