Saturday, August 22, 2009

Take Your Dog to the Beach Day is a Wash

My dog adores water.

Dribbler is Mr. Wild Child at the groomer's, until she sticks him in a tub. He loves to play ball with people in the swimming pool, and getting splashed in the face is his favorite part. Once when he was upset at the vet's, I suggested they stick him in a tub and he calmed right down.

<---What part of no don't you understand?

So for the last five years, we've talked about taking our Labrador up to Lake Michigan for the day, where he could romp in the waves to his heart's content. (We punish him if we catch him in the swimming pool, as dog hairs and filters/chlorine are natural enemies.) Today was the day we stopped talking about it, set our alarm clocks for 8 alarms on a Saturday (ugh) and loaded the dog in the back of the SUV.

We took more than four hours to get up there, thanks to whoever decided this morning was a great time to shut down I-65 and route all traffic into winding country roads. We paid $7 to park on an empty beach, got out of the car wearing jackets in the 65-degree breeze and led our water-logged lab to the edge of that rolling water. Wasn't it glorious? Wasn't he excited?

No. That dog ran in the opposite direction. He clung to our legs. The one time he got splashed, Dribbler went into a shaking meltdown. We tried a 30-minute dose of this torture before finally calling it quits. We meandered back home, taking frequent doggie bathroom breaks along the way.

So we couldn't figure out why he was so excited to get home. It's not as if we asked him to hold it or anything. He ran through the house to the back door and shot out with all the intense urgency of a dog on a mission. He flew past the flag he always stops and looks at without his usual salute. He ignored his ball, and the favorite piece of grass where he likes to squat.

He ran straight down the steps of the pool and into that forbidden zone, bold as you please with us standing right there watching.

Get outta here. Our big, highly anticipated day ended with us punishing a wet dog who had the nerve to look pleased with his little stunt. If I find out he's behind the interstate detour, he's going to get it all over again.


CW Merv said...

That's quite possibly the most hilarious thing I've heard this summer. His actions may not always be to your liking, but you've got to admit that Dribbler's got style. Hmm, I wonder why he didn't care for the Lake?

Julie said...

I have no idea. Probably to confuse me. He loves routine but is far from predictable.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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