Friday, July 24, 2009

Well, That Didn't Exactly Work Out

So I've learned since trying to drum up votes for this Antarctica trip that this is the dumbest contest in the world.

Not the prize — the contest.

The web designers have made this thing so darn confusing, I wound up not having my own four votes count for myself. You see, after registering, this little button comes up and says "vote," and you click on it, thinking "There's my good deed for the day." It's a red herring. In reality, you have to wait until you get your verification email, click through on that link and then START ALL OVER AGAIN. As in from the beginning, searching for the blogger by name, then clicking on their link, waiting for the page to load. Only after all that rigamarole does the vote count.

So my sincere thanks to the 500 of you who did vote for me. Too bad Quark Expeditions will never reap the benefits of our awesome team, huh?

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