Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome to Spain — We Sell Expensive Toiletries

Sorry for the long pause in posts. I got caught up in jet lag and holidays this past week ...

Which is the same thing that happened to me on the Barcelona end as well. Now this was not my first transatlantic flight by a long shot. I know the rules of jet lag: Force yourself to stay awake and go to bed at the proper time in the country you are now in to get adjusted faster.

But I still hit that hotel room at Diagonal Zero, took one look at the bed and announced I was taking a nap. Sometimes, staying up for 48 hours straight simply isn't as easy as you wish it would be.

Neither is getting up an hour later, when the alarm goes off. Or two. Heck, after three hours of deep sleep, I finally grabbed at enough consciousness to stumble into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Surely hot water would get me back on my feet and out there exploring the city, like I'd paid $234 for this hotel to do.

And that's when I discovered that there is a curse on travelers who thumb their noses at the jet lag rules. I stuck my hand in my toiletry bag for the shampoo, and pulled out a gooey mess. The conditioner's contents had shifted big time during the flight, oozing all over everything in that compartment: Qtips, deodorant, hairbrush, rubber bands, cotton balls, razor. I spent the next hour washing off everything in my bag and making a shopping list of A) things I couldn't salvage and B) things I suddenly realized in the unpacking process that I'd left at home. Like ... oh, toothpaste that I'd bought 12 hours before the flight, and sunscreen that was in that same CVS bag.

Here's an ugly truth about shopping in Europe: These things cost more in Barcelona than they do Indianapolis. But at least they aren't goopy and they kinda make good souvenirs if you like trying to read the ingredients in Spanish.


Hoskins Family said...

My parents got their tolietry bag stolen in Spain. They said it cost a fortune to replace everything! Fun Blog!

Julie Sturgeon said...

Stolen? I hope the thieves were disappointed ... or that they cleaned up their act. (Sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun.) Who in the world would take the trouble to steel toiletries?!