Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taco Bell Logic

So we drive down to Bloomington an hour before the game to have dinner with Kevin, our friend’s son who has the good luck to be a college student in 2009. Unfortunately, we still didn’t get it right, because Scotty’s Brewhouse was packed. We knew better than to even try Mother Bear’s.

There was no other choice than to hike across the street to Taco Bell, where all three of us visibly jumped when we saw the new Southwestern remodel.

“Wow, what else do you need in life except the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, a large Mountain Dew and a clean Taco Bell?” Kevin said.

Can I please be a college sophomore again?


CW Merv said...

That Kevin sounds like he has his priorities straight.

Wow, that sure looks like nice remodeling job! I assume the food was good, too?

Julie Sturgeon said...

I was privately betting you'd be the first to respond, Merv.