Monday, December 1, 2008

More Julie Sturgeon Blogs to Enjoy

Now you can catch my sarcasm twice as often.

Yes, in addition to sharing whenever I get around to it at Get Outta Here, I’ll be appearing every Tuesday and Friday afternoons over at UpTake is someone’s great idea to consolidate comments and ratings floating around on the Internet on myriad hotels, restaurants, and travel activities into one comprehensive site.

It’s my number one stop before I book any domestic hotel for you, because I’m all about saving time on my research. And I’m not about hearing a tirade because I booked you in a roach-infested room with hookers outside the window and drug dealers screaming at each other all night long. I saved that lovely gem for myself in Los Angeles.

Anyhow, UpTake has signed me as one of the official contributors to its restaurant blog, where I’ll give you my personal low down on what’s happening on the central Indiana dining scene. That translates mainly to opinions about chain restaurants, which I know folks across the United States and 47 other countries around the globe can relate to.

And it’s a rare week when I’ll give you a mere restaurant review. You’ll get the spicy version, full of attitude and wise cracks. Because let’s face it: Yes, we all appreciate a nice evening, complete with ambiance and a good-looking person across the table, sharing a bottle of wine. That’s dining — and most of us eat out. Let’s embrace what makes our everyday lives stand out, or we’ll wind up missing the whole ride.

So do me a favor and click the RSS subscribe button there just like you did here. Technology will keep you up to speed without any effort on your part, and you can always delete the posts you don’t want. Heck, send me straight to your spam filter if you want to keep your email box clean. But when you need a laugh, you know where to find me.


Alison said...

We are glad to have you and your 'sarcastic voice' at UpTake!

Julie Sturgeon said...

Thanks! I enjoy being part of the team.

Sharon said...

I like your style Julie! And you get an extra vote from me for liking your burgers rare.....

Julie Sturgeon said...

Want to go to dinner with me, Sharon?! My family can hardly stand to be at the table when I eat a hamburger rare. If I've heard "I just wouldn't feel safe doing that" once, I've heard it more than a human being should have to put up with.