Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disney On Hold

How to kill time while on hold waiting for the next representative at the Walt Disney World agent line to take your call:

1. Visit every social networking site and invite more people to link to you for no apparent reason other than to look wildly popular.

2. See if you can climb your feet up the side of the desk without moving your butt.

3. Forward 14,568 bad jokes to everyone in your address book.

4. Buy more Christmas gifts on eBay.

5. Shave your legs using a tweezer.

6. Open iTunes, select Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Christmas, and crank it loudly enough to drown out whatever lame pop star Disney has squalling in your left ear. (Yes, they really have 9 million hits on Youtube. I'm now responsible for roughly 1 million of those.)

7. Let the dog in. Let the dog out. Let the dog in. Let the dog out. Let the dog in ... let the dog pee on the stupid carpet already.

8. Ask yourself why you’re killing time instead of killing someone for putting you through this.

9. Read the entire Outlander series.

10. Write a blog post.

Whew! I'm the next caller in line. That's great because I just added my receipts from the impromptu shopping spree, and I could have bought a week at the Dolphin for that kind of money.


Linda said...

RFOL! I love it. So, do we need a travel agent if we're driving to Orlando and own a timeshare so we have our accommodations and only plan on doing WDW?

Julie Sturgeon said...

Not unless you plan to buy a Park Hopper pass for more than 3 days ... then you might check with a travel agent to see if they have a good price on the tickets. Anything short of that and even the Disney consolidators sell it at face value.

Have a great time, by the way. It's crazy at the holidays, but then people are more polite because they're into the holiday spirit. Spring break is the only time I don't enjoy WDW.

Linda said...

Ahhhh.... then we may give you a jingle when it gets to be time to buy. We're going to do 6 day Hopper--but not until 12-09. We went last February--didn't realize we hit Mardi Gras time when locals make the "Great Escape"! ;)