Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Shoot

I’m never letting my husband touch the camera again.

For 25 years, this man has managed to take a photo of my backside on every vacation. Australia and the Great Barrier Reef came out as Julie’s behind floating like a bobber in the ocean. At Disney World, he captured a memory of Mickey Mouse hugging a stranger – oh, wait! I recognize that rear. Must be me.

Christmas Eve with the family? There’s his sister (caught off guard), the nephew looking the other way … and Julie’s butt.

Photography instructors say this happens when people shoot with their brain – i.e. what they want to see in the photo – versus what the eyeball is actually looking at in the viewfinder.

I know – it’s the digital age. It’s not as if his crummy photos are costing me developing fees because they’re part of the roll of film. But now he’s deteriorated even further. He’s not getting people in the photo at all. He actually was excited to download this card from the high school show choir because “I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you looked tonight.”


Anyone want to donate a pair of eyes AND a brain to this cause?


CW Merv said...

Yeah, it isn't exactly the best shot of you I've ever seen. The hair isn't bad, but that's about all we see. And that man in the blue that's seated in front of you looks like Christmas just got canceled. Great shot, indeed.

Julie Sturgeon said...

I disagree. I think he'd look happier if Christmas were cancelled.

Julee... said...

Oh my gosh! This is absolutely hilarious! I love it!