Saturday, October 11, 2008

Online Hints

I don’t need a television to clue me on what’s happening on the economy front. I have a spam bucket on my email that makes it perfectly clear.

This week, I’ve been tantalized by subject lines offering me my very own bail-out plan. (From what? Doing the laundry? Taking a sample of my dog’s poo to the vet?) One ambitious company dangled a $500 Macy gift card to click on their link.

But mostly I’ve been bombarded with job training offers. Some folks think I’m a candidate to study graphic design. They haven’t seen my skills with this website, have they? Someone else wants me to go to massage therapy school, while others are dangling online psych degrees – like I’d be crazy enough to fall for that.

My favorite, so far, have been the offers for, and I quote, “a good mortgage loan – lets you build an investment.” An hour later, I got a pitch to attend real estate school – start of a smart career.

You can’t make stuff up this funny.

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