Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sometimes Life Isn't Funny

And this is one of those get outta here moments that won’t make you laugh, frankly.

This story starts with an essay. I’ll wait three minutes while you read it.

Beautiful, wasn't it? But keep that Kleenex box close. Because shortly after penning that piece about never leaving her boy, Lori, who is a single mom and self-employed, started feeling numb. The problem progressed until today she is paralyzed in a hospital bed, unable to move or speak, thanks to the Bi-Pap breathing machine that she owes her life to at the moment. She’s the victim of either Lyme Disease or ALS (Lou Gerig’s) – even the esteemed doctors at Mayo Clinic can’t pinpoint the cause.

It may not matter. Lori is dying.

To add insult to injury, her house is in foreclosure and the medical bills are ugly. Some of us (raising my hand!) aren’t counting out God’s miracles. We firmly believe He will heal Lori if it’s His will. But meanwhile, her journalist friends (raising my hand again) are raising what funds we can to take a few worries off the Steele family’s shoulders. We have all sent personal checks – as much as we can – to save this house if we can't save her. But we need a little kindness from strangers, too.

If you’d like to donate even a $1 to Lori, in addition to your prayers, you have my heartfelt thanks. We’ve set up a Paypal account to make it as private and convenient as possible.

And tomorrow we'll all go back to poking fun of our lives and thanking God we have them.

For more information and a button to click to donate:


Sandra Collins said...

You are an amazing friend for Lori to have

Julie Sturgeon said...

Thanks, but I shouldn't take credit for something anyone would do if they had the means. We have a team of journalists posting about this today on their blogs as well.

I know the theme for 9/11 is do something nice for someone. This just feels right.

Michelle said...

The link doesnt work.

Julie Sturgeon said...

Thanks, Michelle. I'm having trouble fixing this link and I have no idea why. I do know the link at (it's the one in the text marked "Washington Post Essay) is working this morning. It's really worth reading. I've read it to God as my prayer several times now.