Thursday, August 28, 2008

Puppy Angst

<< Real dog, Dribbler (the one without swim trunks, LOL)

I’ve been suckered by Facebook.

Sure, it’s my fault I added the Pokey! application to my profile page. But trust me – I’m not the one slathering on the guilt by putting my little imaginary golden Lab fluff ball on the “hungriest puppies” list and asking strangers worldwide to step in and care for him. For Pete’s sake, it’s only been five days, and I was busy taking care of my flesh-and-blood dog. You know, the one that won’t eat his Iams dog food that set me back $50.

I also didn’t write the software that makes this the slowest loading application in the history of slow-loading applications. It takes a large chunk of the clock to load little Pokey, only to see his (not real) pleading, pitiful eyes begging me for pretend food. Then you wait and wait for the food to pour, followed by more waiting as the program takes its sweet time to throw the Frisbee. Get outta here – this is just boring and I have more important ways to waste time.

So just quit the application, you’re thinking. But what if that action triggers a notice I euthanized my dog? Talk about guilt -- that's the motherlode right there. Besides, some sucker on the other side of the world is spending his hard-earned bones to feed a dog that doesn't exist. Maybe I can get him to pony up for a real bag of Science Diet, too.

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