Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flight of Fantasy

Don’t listen when someone says flying sucks.

Sure, it can be unpleasant. But the industry is still full of human beings, so the odds of a good experience are just as great as those of having a bad day when you show up at the airport.

My husband and I showed up at the United counter on Sunday, booked on separate flights and routes from Calgary to Indy. It was going to cost several hundred dollars for me to switch to Ron’s flight and mine was oversold, Neil informed us. No big deal – it’s not like we didn’t know the score when we arrived. So we turned around to walk to our separate gates.

But Neil wasn’t ready to give up yet.

He found us a flight through Minneapolis with space and then “forgot” to charge us. Ooops, his bad. And, he apologized, we couldn’t sit together – one of us had to put on our big girl panties and sit in first class. When we trotted over to check in at the Northwest counter where he had rebooked us, the gal there was concerned that we weren’t sitting together. So she moved Ron as close as possible – to the exit row.

Did I mention they even tagged our luggage priority?


Michelle said...

dont have your email address, but wanted to post again that you won on my blog a Saturday ago. Please contact me so I can get that to you. (I made a comment very shortly after you won, but it must have gotten overlooked. Sorry!!!)

Sheri said...

WHAT? WHAT? THis kind of star treatment never happens to me when I fly!!!! OY! Some writers have all the luck! HA!

Julie Sturgeon said...

It was a lifetime first for me, too. Hubby has been bumped up to FC several times, though.